Welcome to Dear Millennial Mom!

My name is Andria and I am really excited that you’re here! My husband and I met and married in college and found out we were pregnant just 3 months later (quick, we know). When our oldest was 10 months old we found out we were expecting again, making us a now family of 4! Going from one kid to two was a big change, but that deserves its own blog post.

Being a millennial mom myself, I want to create a space that fosters vulnerability, creativity, and sisterhood among imperfect young women who are giving their best day in and day out. Motherhood is tough – super tough – and we moms need community with other women who just get it, don’t we? So, here’s to you, millennial mom! I can’t wait to navigate the ups, downs, joys and less-than-joys of motherhood with you!